Electropolishing Services

To ensure we deliver precise finishing consistently, we begin our electropolishing services process by working closely with your designers, engineers, and quality assurance managers to establish the parameters for new parts.
We run sample lots then test and analyze the results to ensure that specific tolerance, deburring, aesthetic, surface finish reading and corrosion resistance requirements are met. If any of these areas fail to meet standards, additional sample lots are run until your requirements are fully satisfied. We apply decades of expertise, and a specialized focus on precision stainless steel electropolishing services to every order.

Strict attention to detail and hands-on management enable us to meet and exceed your requirements for the following electropolishing and finishing services:

[cta icon=”star” left=”Small Parts” right=”Whether you need 10 parts or 10,000 polished, our electropolishing services meet your tight tolerances.” link=”https://neelectropolishing.com/electropolishing-services/electropolishing-small-parts/”]

[cta icon=”star” left=”Large Vessels” right=”We can handle electropolishing parts up to 8’ long x 5’ in diameter.” link=”https://neelectropolishing.com/electropolishing-services/electropolishing-small-parts/”]

[cta icon=”star” left=”Bulk Parts” right=”A proprietary electropolishing services process for smaller parts such as screws and bolts that are part of larger assemblies.” link=”https://neelectropolishing.com/electropolishing-services/electropolishing-bulk-parts/”]

[cta icon=”star” left=”ElectroMatte” right=”A proprietary process where parts are electropolished to a matte finish in order to reduce reflectivity.” link=”https://neelectropolishing.com/electropolishing-services/electromatte/”]

[cta icon=”star” left=”Passivation” right=”A traditional chemical process employing nitric acid or citric acid.” link=”https://neelectropolishing.com/electropolishing-services/passivation/”]

[cta icon=”clock” left=”Expedited Service” right=”NEE offers same day electropolishing services, with precision stainless steel finishing and 24-hour turnaround without sacrificing quality.” link=”https://neelectropolishing.com/electropolishing-services/expedited-service/”]
[cta icon=”star” left=”Custom Packaging” right=”NEE can package large parts and small to your exact specifications.” link=”https://neelectropolishing.com/electropolishing-services/custom-packaging/”]