New Order Procedures

New England Electropolishing

New Order Procedures

Purchase Orders: Every shipment should be accompanied by a purchase order, which should include:

  • Customer name
  • Quantity
  • Part number, revision level & description
  • Purchase order number
  • Quoted price

Please reference New England Electropolishing’s original quotation number whenever possible for verification. Please note that missing or incorrect information can result in significant delays in order processing since NEE representatives must search outside of our quotation database.

Expedited Service: In the event that an unusually short delivery time is required, New England Electropolishing may request a premium in order to break from our production schedule to fulfill the requirement. Typically a premium of $100 or more is applied for 24-hour service. New England Electropolishing cannot guarantee that this opportunity is always available due to other customer commitments. Please contact your Sales representative or the Customer Service Specialist to discuss.

Inspection Criteria: NEE performs sample visual final inspections in accordance with Squeglia Zero Acceptance Number Sampling Plan (5th Edition) AQL 1.0, unless otherwise defined and agreed upon in advance by NEE and customer. Additional fees will apply to special or additional sampling and/or inspection protocols requested. Additional inspection protocols offered by New England Electropolishing include verification of passivation (Copper Sulfate testing per ASTM standard), documented verification of material removal, inspection under magnification, and customer supplied gaging.

Packaging: All incoming shipments should be packaged to avoid scratches or any condition that may cause rejection due to unacceptable incoming quality. Unless otherwise specified, parts will be packaged in the same manner as received, using packaging materials supplied by the customer. Special packaging methods, cartons, containers, or materials other than tissue paper, are to be supplied by customer.

Freight: All outbound freight is F.O.B. Fall River, MA and our truck is available for local pickup and deliveries at a nominal stop charge. Please contact customer service with your freight needs. Shipments damaged in transit are the responsibility of the customer and/or trucking firm. Incoming shipments must be prepaid. Collect shipments will not be accepted.

Terms: All orders for new customers will be processed on a COD basis until credit is established. We request that our new customers seeking credit supply current banking and 3 trade credit references. Our normal terms are Net 30 with approved credit references, Credit Card at time of shipment (V/MC accepted +3% Fee), or UPS COD. All payments must be in US dollars.

Credit Limits: Each customer is assigned a credit limit based on supplied financial information requested by our Accounts Receivable department. If credit limits are exceeded, shipments will be placed on credit hold until the issue is resolved.

Returns: All claims or adjustments must be made within 10 days of receipt of order. Items to be returned for re-electropolishing are to be accompanied by date, invoice or packing slip number, and purchase order number of the original order. These items will be given priority service for the shortest turnaround time possible. In the event that NEE determines that the rework is not the responsibility of New England Electropolishing but in fact related to another party, the parts will be returned untouched or reworked at the customer’s expense and subject to quoted charges and standard rework policies found New England Electropolishing’s Terms and Conditions.

Damaged Part Liability: New England Electropolishing cannot assume liability of any kind for the cost of the part to be electropolished. In the event that damage of any kind is incurred through any circumstance, our liability is strictly limited to the value added of our Electropolishing and/or passivation service. NEE does not offer a warrantee on Electropolished and/or passivated product.

Terms & Conditions: Please click here for New England Electropolishing’s Terms and Conditions, which are amended periodically.