New England Electropolishing’s Services

As one of America’s leading electropolishing companies, New England Electropolishing delivers the highest levels of quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

Since the early 1980s, we have been driven to exceed customer expectations and are recognized for our ability to achieve quality and consistency, and do what other electropolishing companies cannot.

To give you a broader outline of our capabilities, we’ve broken down our electropolishing services into the following categories based on customer needs and product specifications.


Medical Devices

Our team offers high-level expertise in electropolishing medical devices and assemblies. We tailor our precision…


Small Parts

All the way back to 1985, NEE has been the company people turn to for the finishing of small components and precision…


Large Vessels

NEE has the capacity to electropolish and passivate your large vessel fabrications up to 8’ long by 4’ in diameter…


Citric Passivation

Passivation is the removal of contaminants from the surface grain boundaries of metals such as stainless steel to…


ElectroMatte™ Finishing

Medical OEMs and part designers are often concerned with reflectivity during surgical procedures. ElectroMatte™…


Nitric Passivation

A material is considered passivated when it shows high resistance to corrosion in an environment where…


Bulk Electropolishing

While electropolishing performs best when the work pieces are individually racked, bulk processing has proven to be a…


Expedited Service

Let NEE help you meet your “need it yesterday” deadline with our Same Business Day and 24-Hour Expedited Service…

Custom Packaging

Many of the precision components and stainless steel parts that come through our facility for electropolishing need…

"The secret to our success is two-fold. We do one thing and we do it well. The other is that we're united around one simple goal: to exceed your expectations."

Amy A. Prigmore