For almost 40 years

New England Electropolishing has steadfastly achieved a level of quality and consistency unparalleled in our market.

We hold excellence as our guiding metric, which allows us to serve critical-market customers who depend on us to deliver parts and components to exacting specifications. They know why they choose NEE. We’d like to let you in on it …    


We Specialize In Electropolishing

This is our specialty, and we are experts in the processes—the chemistry and the subtleties—of what it takes to finish your parts exactly to specification.

What sets us apart:

  • Other metal finishers may offer electropolishing as a service, but do not have the technical knowledge or consistency that NEE offers every day.
  • Because we specialize in electropolishing stainless steel, we take on the hardest finishing challenges that others can’t.

Reliable Quality Control

We have highly controlled processes in place that ensure material removal is precise and repeatable every time.

What sets us apart:

  • Every part we electropolish has a unique set of job instructions that ensures customers’ finishing requirements are met.
  • We proactively communicate with customers. We don’t take chances with your time, money, or resources. We call customers when incoming parts look suspect or have a concern with a part’s finish.

Committed Management Team

We believe in collaboration that allows all stakeholders to contribute to solutions.

What sets us apart:

  • Family owned and operated for 34 years, we’ve successfully transitioned to second-generation ownership, melding the perfect blend of legacy knowledge and vision for the future into our thriving business model.
  • We believe in showing up. Owners are on site every day and remain committed to all customers—new and existing.

Large Capacity = Fast Turnaround

We’re a large production facility—and have more room to grow … so you can grow, too.

What sets us apart:

  • We routinely receive and ship customer orders in 24 hours when required.
  • With 12 electropolishing tanks and a staff of 35, we have the ability to meet the most challenging deadlines.
  • Our normal lead times are less than a week.
    We’ll say it again: we still have room to grow … and so do you!

Turnkey Process

We are well equipped to handle new products and new work. Our quality processes are so robust that we can seamlessly set up your work and incorporate it into our production schedule.

What sets us apart:

  • Many companies have a perception that it’s hard to move work to a new finishing vendor. If that’s you and your company—don’t be limited by that mindset. We can handle it!
  • NEE has hundreds of production racks and fixtures to fit most part configurations.
  • NEE responds quickly to new applications. Our in-house maintenance staff fabricates custom fixtures and cathodes daily, so we can easily get you up and running.

Customer Service

You are why we are in business. We saw a need in this market decades ago and responded, becoming experts at precision rates of removal for the work and service you need done right.

What sets us apart:

  • You can always get an owner or manager on the phone.
  • We honor our commitments and rarely miss deadlines. In fact, we typically exceed them.
  • Quotes are handled and processed in less than 24 hours.

We’re Here to Help

Let us help with your next project! Find out how New England Electropolishing can help you with your electropolishing needs. We’ll provide you with our expert analysis, a quote—even a free sample. Contact us now to get a free sample and explore your possibilities!

"Many of our customers are behind schedule before their parts hit our dock. Because we have the capacity, the expertise and the flexibility, we can turn parts around in 24 hours - without sacrificing quality. Our customers rely on us because we get the job done to meet their specific requirements, everytime. "

Luke Almeida

Vice President, Business Development