New England Electropolishing offers the economical benefits of electropolishing bulk parts. 

Customers rely on NEE for precise and consistent finish, from one part to 100,000.

Proprietary methods

While electropolishing yields optimal results when parts are individually racked, bulk processing has proven to be a cost-effective alternative for some applications.

NEE has developed a proprietary method for electropolishing bulk parts, from screws and bolts to surgical stampings used in invasive procedures.

To see if your parts are suited to bulk electropolishing, please contact us today. 

"Electropolishing is a science and an art. By combining both, we meet your exact finishing requirements, whether you need one part of 100,000. Our customers tell us no one does stainless steel electropolishing better."

Imad Jaber

Operations Manager

Exclusive Offer

Free sample part electropolishing

Send us your sample part and we’ll electropolish it and return it to you with a project quote and delivery schedule – no charge.

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