Electropolishing Bulk Parts

New England Electropolishing offers the economical benefits of electropolishing bulk parts. 

Precision Electropolishing of High Volume Small Parts

New England Electropolishing offers the economic benefits of bulk electropolishing small parts. Customers can rely on New England Electropolishing for a precise and consistent finish, from 1 part to 100,000. While it is optimal to individually rack parts before electropolishing, bulk processing of stainless-steel parts has proven to be a cost-effective solution for certain parts and applications.

Electropolishing is an electrochemical and reverse plating process that removes a small amount of material at a controlled rate. Electropolishing removes small micro burrs, enhances a part’s finish as well as provides passivation. To learn more about the benefits of electropolishing, please click here.

NEE has developed a proprietary method for electropolishing small parts, from screws and bolts to surgical stampings used in invasive procedures. NEE is a second generation family owned business that built its reputation on precision electropolishing of high-volume small parts.

Bulk electropolishing of parts may be beneficial for the following types of parts and or applications:

  • Parts that are too small to individually rack
  • Parts that do not have close tolerances
  • Parts that will not nest or tangle in a basket
  • Hardware such as screws and bolts

New England Electropolishing is one of the few electropolishing companies in the United States to concentrate exclusively on the electropolishing of stainless steel. New England Electropolishing is widely recognized as an industry leader serving a variety of manufacturing industries such as the medical device, semiconductor, laboratory, industrial, marine and food services to name a few. NEE’s processes are fully conforming to the leading industry standards and specifications such as ISO and ASTM.

To see if your parts are suited for bulk electropolishing, please contact us today. New England Electropolishing can process most quotes in less than 1 business day and provide samples at no cost for your evaluation.

"Electropolishing is a science and an art. By combining both, we meet your exact finishing requirements, whether you need one part of 100,000. Our customers tell us no one does stainless steel electropolishing better."

Imad Jaber

Operations Manager