How We roll

Why to consider NEE as your single source electropolisher

Singular Focus

Our motto is “keep things simple.” We’ve built economies of scale across the business, including cathodes, racks, and electropolishing lines dedicated to ongoing high-volume customers. Because of our extensive expertise within the medical, precision machining, and semiconductor industries, we hit the ground running and get your parts into production, fast.



We constantly monitor and track process improvements, including the seemingly insignificant, such as which material is most efficient for drying large vessels when they come out of the tank. (Answer: super absorbent paper towel.) These continual improvements, big and small, translate into faster turnaround and higher quality and meet your requirements.



If we see a problem with your parts during incoming inspection, we’ll stop everything and call you to work out a solution. Stopping a job to resolve a problem that originated with another vendor doesn’t make sense business-wise – but that’s how we roll.



Our can-do customer service doesn’t stop at 5:00 PM. We’ll stay late on a Friday afternoon – or even through a hurricane – so that you can pick up your parts in person if that’s what you need.



Our Operations Manager and production staff will bend over backward to meet your delivery deadline. If we promise your job will be done in three days, we’ll try to get it done in two.



The buck stops with Amy and Luke. If you have any concern or question, pick up the phone and call us. We’ll take care of it, pronto.