Amy A. Prigmore

Chief Executive Officer

Joining New England Electropolishing in 2002, Amy oversaw the company’s fiscal management, recruiting, and customer service functions prior to assuming the role of CEO in 2019. Amy has been instrumental in obtaining NEE’s ISO 13485 Quality Assurance certification.
Her day-to-day duties as CEO include financial oversight and human resources administration, as well as development and implementation of strategic planning. Having worked her way through the organization from the bottom up, Amy’s current position allows her to put her accumulated knowledge of the company’s inner workings to excellent use.

NEE remains family-owned and operated. Amy and her brother Luke continue to honor their father Alvin Almeida by maintaining the core values he instilled in the company: pride in delivering excellent customer service, and appreciation for the contributions of NEE’s 35+ hardworking employees.

Amy is a graduate of Bryant University. She resides in Providence, RI with her husband and a pair of precocious, pampered yellow labs. Her favorite days are spent boating on Narragansett Bay or tucking into a complicated mystery (British mysteries are favorites). She also enjoys fundraising for the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation and local food pantries.


Our success is due to the fact that we do one thing and we do it well. 

– Amy A. Prigmore