Electropolishing delivers precision finishing and passivation for medical and scientific lab equipment

Stainless steel passivation through electropolishing is a crucial step in the manufacturing process for medical and scientific laboratory equipment that helps protect stainless steel surfaces from corrosion and and makes parts easier to clean and sterilize. 

Electropolishing delivers precision finishing and passivation for medical and scientific lab equipment

Enhancing stainless steels corrosion resistance is critical for the sterilization of specialized lab equipment.

Medical and science laboratories use stainless steel equipment that must meet the most exacting standards for surface finishing and cleanliness. Electropolishing ensures that stainless steel parts and fabrications are free from surface imperfections and embedded impurities that are inevitably left by the manufacturing process.

Stainless Steel passivation occurs through electropolishing which promotes stainless steel’s natural corrosion resistance. This extends the useful life of the parts and equipment that scientists and laboratory technicians rely on. Passivation by way of electropolishing greatly enhances stainless steel’s chromium oxide layer making it more resistant to corrosion than traditional passivation methods.

Medical and scientific laboratories can be confident in stainless steel equipment that undergoes passivation through electropolishing. It is free from burrs, free iron, and impurities, making it easier to clean and sterilize. The ability to be confident in sterilization techniques is vital in a science or medical laboratory setting, of course, but even more important during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

At New England Electropolishing, we deliver precise finishes for our customers at the exact specifications you need, time after time. When it comes to medical device electropolishing finish all grades of stainless steel, producing consistent, high-quality results whether we are working on a single large vessel or 10,000 small parts.

New England Electropolishing meets ASTM Standards for electropolishing and passivation. NEE also is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, just two of its many certifications.