Electropolishing meets the strict needs of the medical industry

Surgical instruments, implants and other products designed for the medical and dental fields demand the most precise finishing offered by a medical device electropolishing company.

Electropolishing meets strict standards of the medical industry

Burrs, which are small, rough imperfections left during the manufacturing process, can create debris, harbor contamination and make a stainless steel device difficult to sterilize. Stainless steel surfaces that are improperly passivated are also susceptible to corrosion. None of these conditions can be tolerated in critical applications like medical devices.

Electropolishing medical devices ensures that medical and dental instruments, as well as, implantable items, are clean, burr-free, corrosion-resistant and ultimately safe for patients.

Healthcare parts that require electropolishing vary in complexity, examples include:

  • Needles
  • Cannula
  • Trocars
  • Hypotubes
  • Arthroscopic, endoscopic and laparoscopic components
  • Durable medical apparatus
  • Dental tools

For all these products, precision electropolishing is the best way to deliver the highest quality finish that meets the most exacting specifications for consistency, repeatability, and aesthetics. Electropolishing allows for controlled material removal to 0.0001” per side, while simultaneously meeting ISO 13485:2016 quality standards. It helps inhibit bacteria growth and corrosion, particularly when coupled with the passivation process which removes free iron from the surface and promotes the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

Sometimes, a highly reflective surface can create glare that is distracting during surgical procedures. To address that concern, New England Electropolishing collaborated with the medical industry to develop a proprietary ElectroMatte® Electropolishing process. With ElectroMatte, customers can achieve the same high-quality, precise finishing that standard electropolishing delivers, with a less reflective finish. This process may be ideal for applications where device glare and reflection cause unnecessary challenges.

New England Electropolishing works to ensure that all of our company’s processes consistently meet the sector’s strictest requirements, whether we are working with one unit or a release of 100,000 units. Contact us and find out how our unrivaled expertise in electropolishing can help you exceed your medical and dental customers’ expectations.

New England Electropolishing works with the medical industry to ensure that all our processes consistently meet the sector’s strictest standards, whether we are working with one part or 100,000. Contact us and find out how our unrivaled expertise in medical device electropolishing can help you exceed your medical, dental and pharmaceutical customers’ expectations.