Introducing New England Electropolishing’s ‘Customer Support Squad’

New England Electropolishing is proud to announce our Customer Support Squad, whose job it is to ensure a smooth customer experience, from your first call to our office to the delivery of finished product.

If you’re a customer with us, you already know our outstanding Office Manager, Lauri Desrosiers, and amazing Administrative Assistant, Leanne Leger. They each have been with NEE for more than a decade. Our customers know they go the extra mile to exceed expectations every single day.

Lauri and Leanne have recently been joined by Kimberly Strasser, in the new position of Customer Support Specialist. Together, they will serve as a liaison between our valued customers and New England Electropolishing’s operations team. 

The Customer Support Squad can confirm the details of your order, ensuring that it is processed seamlessly by our company and arrives as expected to your door. They can field requests for expedited service, handle documentation and shipment tracking inquires, and keep you informed of order variations. If a portion of your shipments arrives to NEE damaged by the carrier, for instance, they will promptly notify you, providing photographs when appropriate. 

Our goal is to always be as responsive as possible to our customers’ needs. NEE also commits to providing customers with honest timelines and helpful communications, so you always know the state of your order. Our belief is that lasting relationships are built by meeting your strictest quality requirements and most demanding deadlines, with respectful communication along the way. 

We are confident that our Customer Support Squad will help NEE fulfill our mission to be the nation’s most responsive, reliable and trusted metal finisher.