Meeting Strict Deadlines in the Manufacturing Process

Meeting Strict Deadlines in the Manufacturing Process

Our flexible and committed staff will do everything they can so our customers get their product on time

As a company one of our defining characteristics is our ability to turn things around very quickly. A lot of our customers work on really tight deadlines. They’re manufacturing parts, and we are typically the last stop in the manufacturing process. So it is not uncommon for us to get calls and emails from customers asking if we can expedite orders on the same day that they are received, or the following business day. We are big enough and we have the capacity and the expertise to turn around orders in 24 hours. We know that delivery dates are absolutely critical to our customers, and we do everything in our power to make those deadlines. 

Our team is extraordinarily responsive, particularly to our existing customers needs. We know that we are at the end of the manufacturing cycle, and that everybody is waiting for their parts and waiting for the electropolishing process to be done, so that our customers can deliver to their customers on time. We are critical to that cycle. In order to get it done fast for the customer, you have to do it right. All the steps we put in place will make sure that the parts are getting done right. We take every job that comes in, regardless of how big or small the customer, very seriously. 

We’ve got an enormously flexible and committed staff. They will come in early and they will stay late in order to make ensure that we are doing all we can so that our customers get their product on time.

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