NEE Celebrates 35 Years of Excellence

Thank you to our clients and employees for 35 amazing years in business!

It was 1985 when Alvin Almeida took the plunge and started his own business, New England Electropolishing.

As a salesman of electropolishing chemicals, he recognized the need for high quality finishing of small parts — something the companies that were his customers could not deliver because they were focused on finishing larger vessels.

So with his wife, Jeannine, working by his side, Al started NEE. His first move was to hire the former Finishing Manager of F.B. Rogers Silver Co., in Taunton, MA. Together they learned everything they could about the electropolishing process.

Soon Gillette came knocking with a holiday edition of the Sensor Razor and the NEE reputation for quality and fast-turnaround of high-volume parts grew. The company’s focus on excellence made NEE one of the country’s first metal finishers to earn ISO 9002 Registration in 1996. NEE is currently both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, designations that underscore its ongoing commitment to quality processing.

NEE is now in the capable hands of Al and Jeannine’s children, CEO Amy Almeida Prigmore and COO Luke Almeida. One thing has not changed, however. They are proud to retain their late parents’ commitment to four core values:

  • Responsiveness to customer needs;
  • Trust, earned by honest deadlines and open communication;
  • Respect for the contributions of hard-working employees, many of whom have been with the company for decades;
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction, which makes repeat business the foundation of our continued success.

NEE is a classic story American entrepreneurship and hard work, but few family-owned companies survive into the second generation with the success NEE has enjoyed. For that, we thank our loyal customers and our dedicated employees.