Battery Wharf – Boston, MA

An Electropolishing Case Study

Electropolishing can solve complex corrosion issues. 

Passivation restores the corrosion-resistant layer and architectural beauty of Battery Wharf

Battery Wharf has a series of buildings, museum and high end condominiums in Boston’s North End. About 5 Years ago 900 stainless steel panels were installed on balconies that overlook Boston Harbor. The Panels were perfocated meaning holes had been punched by a manufacturer. This introduced free iron and contaminates into panels during manufacturing. The panels were never passivated or treated prior to instalation.

In a short amount of time the harsh environment of the salt water caused many of the panels to corrode and rust. NEE was consulted and performed multiple site visits to asses the situation. Samples were electropolished which removed the rust and restored the corrosion resistant properties of the stainless.

The samples were reinstalled in various location and monitored over time. The electropolished stainless withstood the environment over multiple seasons and gave the property management company the confidence to move forward with electropolishing all 900 panels.

Battery Wharf is one example of how electropolishing can solve complex corrosion issues and prolong the life of stainless steel subjected to harsh environments. Over the past 35 years, New England Electropolishing has worked with many companies faced with similar circumstances on stainless steel fabrications and material. It’s never too late to protect your stainless.

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