Family-Owned Electropolisher Delivers Metal Finishing with a Legacy

New England Electropolishing

Family-Owned Electropolisher Delivers Metal Finishing with a Legacy

We may be biased, but we like what this article in Forbes says about family-owned businesses: “ … in the popular zeitgeist, family-owned companies embody stability, longevity, and if nothing else, an ability to get along.” The article also says, “ … a family-run business must be versatile and adaptable to survive, so add ‘tough’ to the list of attributes.”

We can’t disagree. We’ve successfully transitioned to second-generation family ownership and are stronger and more steadfast than ever. We are proud of the legacy that New England Electropolishing’s (NEE) founder, Alvin Almeida, began, and are dedicated to continuing it, melding the perfect blend of legacy knowledge and vision for the future into our thriving business model. This mean we remain stable, adapt, and get along.

Our entire management team is committed to this type of collaboration—internally and with our customers. We encourage engagement and collaboration because it allows all stakeholders to contribute to solutions. NEE’s customer service response is one we are equally proud of. Our father founded this business in 1985 years ago to answer a need that we saw in the electropolishing market. We’ve continued to grow our business, remaining true to our specialty in electropolishing stainless steel parts and components and are experts in the process.

We understand how important it is that customers who serve critical markets get their parts and components delivered on time and to exacting specifications. In the decades we’ve been in business, we’ve learned how to be your most proficient and reliable metal finishing supplier. Many medical device companies already know why they choose NEE; we’re able to execute our strengths and expertise consistently.

New England Electropolishing’s business model is built on the following principles.

We specialize in electropolishing. This is our specialty, and we are experts in the processes—the chemistry and the subtleties—of what it takes to finish your parts exactly to specification.

Reliable quality control. We have highly controlled processes in place that ensure material removal is precise and repeatable every time.

Committed management team. We believe in collaboration that allows all stakeholders to contribute to solutions.

Large capacity = fast turnaround. We’re a large production facility—and have more room to grow … so you can grow, too.

Turnkey process. We are well equipped to handle new products and new work. Our quality processes are so robust that we can seamlessly set up your work and incorporate it into our production schedule.

What some of that looks like in practice is this:

  • NEE routinely receives and ships customer orders in 24 hours when required.
  • With 12 electropolishing tanks and a staff of 35, we have the ability to meet the most challenging deadlines.
  • Our normal lead times are less than a week.
  • You can always get an owner or a manager on the phone.
  • We honor our commitments and rarely miss deadlines. In fact, we typically exceed them.
  • Quotes are handled and processed in less than 24 hours.

Al Almeida, our father, succeeded at what he set out to do: delivering exceptional quality and service, and building this business to last. A vital piece of that equation resides in something our father taught us: show up. That means NEE owners are on site every day and remain grateful and committed to all customers—new and existing.

We’re Here for You

Let us help with your next project! Find out how New England Electropolishing can help you with your electropolishing needs. We’ll provide you with our expert analysis, a quote—even a free sample. Contact us now to get a free sample and explore your possibilities!

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